Who is this guy?

I'm a problem solver that loves to create and develop software through prototyping and magical coding!

Welcome to my realm! I'm Adam Cao, a 21-year-old British Chinese quantitative trader and financial developer. I'm a random guy who enjoys learning, stock/option trading and developing random programming technologies!

My interest in computer science started at age 10, out of curiosity, I disassembled my dads laptop and spent many hours assembling it back together — turns out, there is alot more to it than a replacable battery!

Present day, I'm always exploring the exciting world of financial markets, consulting on financial software, programming and web development.

When I'm not coding...

Planning where to explore next.

Although I am currently based in London. Recently, I have explored parts of North America/Europe such as San Francisco, Berlin, France, Luxembourg and across England in short trips with my friends!

Trading in the financial markets.

I have a keen interest in the financial markets, most notably the U.S stock markets. I like to invest and technical day trade stock/options when I have free-time during market hours.

I'm enjoying food and wine.

Trying new food and wine experiences goes a long way in bringing joy after a long day of starting at my computer screens.

I'm capturing cool moments.

Creating, visualising then editing shots has always been an interest of my since my dad gave me his old DSLR camera to play around with!


Financial Developer & Consultant

Adaptive Financial Consulting

London, UK


Working closely with financial clients such as investment banks, hedge funds, brokers and other market participants to build bespoke software solutions to help them to achieve their business goals and making sound technical decisions, collaborating with stakeholders and being up to date with the latest technology and practices in the financial industry.

Quantitative Trader


Remote, UK

JAN 2022 - JUNE 2022

Research, development and backtesting of algorithmic alphas utilising Python, LEAN with stock/option market data and technical indicators, with consideration of slippage impact from affected liquidity, fees and fill times.

Lead Developer

Cfx.re FiveM

Remote, UK

MAR 2020 - NOV 2020

Development, DevOps and management of modified GTA 5 FiveM Framework server with consistent 128 concurrent gameplay users.


Do I have you intrigued?