Mesa Project



Mar 2020 - Nov 2020


Project Development Lead


Development & Management


FiveM is a open source multiplayer modification framework for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Using this framework, I created, managed and developed a successful and profitable large online gaming roleplay server coded in Lua. The FiveM community was named Mesa.

This project helped me develop a wide array of key skills:

  • Project & Staff Management
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Utilising and applying data
  • Developing for stakeholders


This project was heavily based on programming in Lua with the FiveM development framework, this included using a lot of JavaScript on the UI side too.

We ran the game server, web server and database servers on dedicated machine Windows servers and on Linux VPS's. This resulted in utilising network engineering, DevOps and database skills.


FiveM roleplay is a custom GTA V gamemode which is the concept of having players interact with each other in a virtual world that 'roleplays' as a real life society.

For example, in this virtual society there are player organised government institutions such as the Police force, who enforce laws within the society and player organised criminal organisations that disobey them. These are examples of the possibilities in a never ending scope of gameplay opportunities that we provided to our players.

Due to the wide scope of this, we would have to implement a lot of coded features to enhance and allow roleplay to play out without disruption.

To grasp the extremity of the projects scope, as an example you can view a wiki we wrote for our users here!


Due to the complex nature of how freedom in gameplay is allowed, it required a large amount of moderation of the gameplay and the users. I created 3 division of teams to run this community successfully.

  • In charge of ideating/selecting user suggested content to create and implement into the server.
  • Optimising server code to increase server performance, allowing us to increase the amount of concurrent players allowed to connect and a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Solving problems, such as creative ways of implementing anti-hacking systems and algorithms.


The community I created during the project length ranked consistent within the top 5 U.K servers, with a profitable and consistent revenue after 2 months of being created.

Personally, this is one of my favourite projects due to the experience of being able to develop, ideate and implement gameplay for users then experience first hand by playing myself the great gameplay and joy it brought to the users.

From the project, I developed a plethora of skills in different areas that I can now use in different projects and apply to a full time position!