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Sep 2021 - Jan 2022


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Balancing a student schedule can be strenuous and difficult. Without a equilibrium between academic, social and fitness activities, mental health and productivity can be negatively affected.

As a team of 5, we ideated a solution to the difficulty of students finding time to schedule in fitness activities for their health.


How might we help students feel more motivated to work out without compromising their social life?

In our user interviews, 80% of participants indicated that they wanted to exercise more frequently. They just didn’t necessarily have the motivation to act upon doing so.

From this data we wondered if:

  1. Would facilitating exercising with friends help motivate students to exercise more frequently and maintain their fitness?
  2. Is exercising with friends more efficient to squeeze in social life and fitness together in their schedule, allowing more time for study?
  3. If exercising became a more social activity, would students be motivated to start exercising more frequently?


Flex - Social Student Scheduling App.

Flex is a mobile app design that optimises university student schedules, allowing them to schedule social exercise activities and suggest time frames on when to exercise during their daily schedules.

Our app design makes scheduling simple, intuitive and social.

Visualise your schedule in a glance.

Identify any schedule gaps for today, schedule in a quick exercise session, and see what your friends are up to. All in one place.

Interactive stats about your performance.

View your progress instantly on the landing page for a boost of motivation throughout your day through our simple demographics.

Add/change your schedule in detail.

Schedule fitness sessions quickly, whether that’s for yourself or with friends. Available sessions that your friends have set will appear on your screen when you try to schedule something with friends

Find time to workout with a buddy.

View friends’ schedules and find activities you can request to join if your personal schedule is compatible.

Compete against your friends

Stack up points by scheduling exercise activities and see how you compare to your friends.